• Short-Term Residential Care Offered
  • Cash or Self-funding is allowed
  • Offers Alcohol Detoxification
  • Will provide Medical Detoxing
  • Cigarette smoking Permitted in Designated Areas
  • Tobacco smoking Cessation Medicine Available
  • Medicaid is permitted
  • Private Health Insurance plans allowed
  • Group Counseling Provided
  • TRC is Offered
  • Accepts and Welcomes Females
  • Will use a The 12-Steps Facilitation Approach
  • Allows Adults
  • Computerized Treatment plan
  • Operated through the State Department of Health
  • Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy is Offered
  • Brief Intervention Approach
  • Will provide Anger Management
  • Outpatient Methadone/Buprenorphine-Subutex or Naltrexone Treatment is Offered
  • Private Counseling Made available
  • Incorporates Matrix Model
  • State Financed Health Insurance Plan is taken – Other Than Medicaid
  • Residential Detox Care Available
  • Will provide Transitional Housing or Halfway House
  • Provides Vivitrol (Injectable Naltrexone)
  • Can provide A contingency Management/Motivational Incentive
  • This particular Center is Managed by the Commission on Rehabilitation and Accreditation
  • Benzodiazepines Detoxing
  • Takes DUI/DWI Client’s
  • DBT is Offered
  • Residential Treatment Given
  • Can provide Crack and Cocaine Detox
  • SACA is Available
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy is Given
  • Buprenorphine-Cizdol Available with Program
  • Will Accept Young Adults
  • Marital/Couples Guidance Provided
  • Caters for Drug abuse
  • Provides Drug abuse Treatment Services this includes Rehabilitation for Addiction to Synthetic Cannabinoids Fake Weed, Spice, K2, Black Mamba and Traditional Herbal Cannabis, as well as other Synthetic Cathinones and NPS
  • Regular Outpatient Treatments
  • Provides Motivational Interviewing
  • Access to Recovery (ATR) Payment Voucher will be accepted
  • Intense Outpatient Treatment plans offered
  • Family Counseling Offered
  • Will provide Detoxing for Opioids such as Plant Based and Synthetic i.e. Oxycontin, Oxycodone, etc
  • Run via a Private Organization
  • Outpatient Treatment is Given
  • Outpatient Day Treatment, and Partial Hospitalization Treatment available
  • Provides Meth and Amphetamines Detoxification
  • Accepts and Welcomes Males
  • Offers a Treatment program designed for Gambling Dependency
  • Offers Relapse Prevention via Naltrexone
  • Long term Residential Care Provided
  • Can provide Naltrexone (Oral)
  • Payment Assistance Is Offered
  • Offers Relapse Prevention

  • Address

    Our Address:

    Woodlake Addiction Recovery 10473 Old Hammond Highway Baton Rouge, LA 70816


    30.4318, -91.022