• One on one Counseling Available
  • Accepts Adults
  • Takes Clientele taking Opioid Medication
  • Cash or Self-financing is acceptable
  • Accepts and Welcomes Females
  • Will Accept DUI/DWI Patients
  • This type of Center is Managed by the State Substance Abuse Agency
  • Will use Matrix Model
  • Allows Children/Adolescents
  • Outpatient Treatment is Offered
  • Brief Intervention Approach
  • Accepts Men
  • Uses a The 12-Steps Facilitation Approach
  • Smoking cigarettes Allowed
  • REBT Provided
  • Takes Young Adults
  • Regular Outpatient Treatment options
  • Services in support of the Deaf and also Hard of Hearing
  • Operated through a Private Organization
  • This health care treatment clinic is Run via the State Mental Health Department
  • DBT Available
  • Caters for Drug abuse
  • Offers Substance abuse Treatment Services and this includes Treatment for Addiction to Synthetic Weed and Herbal Weed, as well as other NPS – Synthetic Stimulant-type Drugs – such as BZP, mephedrone, MPDV, NRG-1, MDAI, ethylphenidate
  • Will provide Anger Management therapy
  • Provides Motivational Interviewing
  • Offers Relapse Prevention
  • Offers Specialized Services to Clientele Referred from the Court/Judicial System
  • Can provide A contingency Management/Motivational Incentive
  • CBT is Offered
  • Group Counseling Made available
  • SACA is Given

  • Address

    Our Address:

    Fayette County DUI Services 3439 Buckhorn Drive Suite 140 Lexington, KY 40515


    37.9177, -84.3914